(AW 18)

“In my street…” could be the title of a song, a novel, a movie, …
In my street is the bar of my first coffee of the day,
In my street you pass under three arches with wonderful coffered ceilings,
In my street people come from all over the world to see it,
they take photos from all angles,
In my street there is a beautiful antiquarian,
a shop for spectacular hammocks,
In my street work architects, designers, yoga teachers,
In my street they walk, every day at the same time,
grannies with their dogs and others who go to the Boqueria market,
In my street I do not hear almost cars.
So many things happen in my street …

In my street I hope that there will always be children laughing, jumping, singing, playing …

For them the new collection AW17/18 “EN MI CALLE …” is designed!

Comfortable designs of wool and cotton, with purified lines, that allow them to move with total freedom, combining blue, camel, anthracite and green shades.

Passatge de la Pau, Barcelona