Welcome to pezPunto!

I look, I touch, I manipulate, I read, I think, I dream, I draw, I cut, I fold, I experiment, I sew, I dye and I paint. That is how pezPunto – a Barcelona-based manufacturer of totally handmade clothes for kids aged 2 to 10 – was born.

I guess that my studies in architecture, the passion I’ve had since I was a little girl for crafts and sewing, and the fact that I’m a mother of three were the main reasons why I fell in love with children’s fashion. Designing and making children’s clothes for years now has enabled me to unleash my dreams.

Each collection comes from a glance, a song, a trip, some sketches and, above all, from the enjoyment I feel during every step of the creative process.

I lovingly touch and select the natural fabrics (cotton, wool, linen) I need and then cut them according to the chosen pattern. I sew each and every one of the items to give them shape.

In some cases, I customise the garments with digital prints or with hand-painted motifs, specifically designed for each collection. At other times, I combine natural dyes with different shibori techniques.

I finish with a blast of ironing and it’s ready. A new pezPunto garment is born!

The truth is that I devote lots of time and love to every one of my pezPunto garments, and I don’t regret it at all. I am very happy to share the stories behind the preparation of every item with you.

See you soon!!

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